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     R. Loew Electronics Consulting

Provider of engineering services to industry and government.
Provider of software products to users worldwide.

Engineering Services Include:

Analog and Digital Hardware Design.
Software Design, Development, Debugging and Update.
Embedded Systems and Firmware.
Mathematical Analysis and Modelling.
Reverse Engineering.

Engineering services may be contracted at a Hourly Rate or as a
Fixed Price Contract. A Resume is available upon request.

Software Products Include:

Tools and Utilities to provide added functionality for users.
Patches and Add-ons to Upgrade and Expand Legacy Operating Systems.
Secure Communications

Supported Operating Systems Include:

Windows  95
Windows  98
Windows  98SE
Windows  ME
Windows  XP
AmigaDOS 3.x

Featured Product:

The TeraByte Plus Package is a set of Tools and Patches that provide support
for Hard Drives with Larger Capacities and/or Larger Sector Sizes than was
possible previously with DOS and Windows 98 or 98SE. Supports the Seagate
Go-Flex 3TB USB Hard Drive as well as Internal 3TB Hard Drives.

Most Popular Products:

PATCHMEM: Patch to allow Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME to use up to 4GB of RAM.
PATCHATA: Patch to allow Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME to use Hard Drives up to 2TB.
RAMDSK32: 32-Bit RAMDISK for Windows 98/98SE.
SATA:     SATA Driver Patch for Windows 98/98SE.
KICKWORK: Single Boot Disk for the Amiga 1000.
Ethernet and Parallel Port based File Sharing Software for Amigas.

Latest Products:

TRIM:     DOS DISK/FAT32 TRIM Program for SSDs.
RLUSB:    USB Mass Storage Drive for Windows 95 with CD/DVD Support.
TBPLUS:   Multi-Terabyte Hard Drive Support Package for DOS and Windows 98SE
XFILE:    Advanced File Management Utility
FILE64:   Large File Emulator API Hook for Windows 98.
DLLHOOK:  API Redirector. Now with KernelEx 4.5.2 Support.
SHELL32:  DLL Redirector. Adds 3 missing SHGetFolder* Functions.

Latest News:

Second Catalog and Free Software Sections added.
Localization Service added.

TRIM      New. Added 06/04/15
FILE64    Upgraded to Version 2.0. Now compatable with KERNELEX.
PRIMES    4KiB PKI Primes now available. Price reduction on smaller Primes.

Conference Console 2.0 now supports AES-256 Encryption for secure
 Communications with no Server for the NSA to compromise.

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For further information please contact:

Rudolph Loew
506 Bieling Rd.
Elmont, NY 11003

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Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015